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About Dr. Lisa Slover

  Hi, I'm Dr. Lisa Slover. I am a

psychologist, a lover of laughter and real connection, and a firm believer that being seen and validated can send us on the path of healing. You are the expert of your life, and I want to hear about your experience of life, your pain, and your hopes and dreams. I believe in being genuine and it is not uncommon that I will be laughing with you, crying with you, and getting angry alongside with you..and if swearing is your thing, you will definitely hear me swear as well :)  I see one of my most important jobs as helping my clients to feel seen, heard, and validated. 

As a mother of four children under age twelve, I have a passion in working with postpartum women and mothers. I understand what it can be like to love your child more than anything, but also feel burnt out and a loss of identity. I also experienced Postpartum Depression and Anxiety following the births of my children. In addition, I am a proud NICU mama, with two of my children having been admitted after their arrival. I am proud to be certified in the treatment of perinatal/ postpartum mood and anxiety disorders through PSI (Postpartum Support International).       

           I also have a passion in working with teens and college-aged individuals. I spent about 10 years of my life in college, so I understand the difficulties and pressure that college students face that go beyond just school work. Things like anxiety, depression, substance use, identity development, being away from home, relationship/sex stuff, and career development are topics I process with my clients frequently. 

         As a clinician, I am empathetic, supportive, yet will challenge you in order to help you meet your goals. I believe in the healing power of being seen, heard, validated, and understood. I take a holistic perspective and together we can discuss things like sleep, diet, lifestyle choices and how they may be contributing to your symptoms. I am passionate about helping others regain peace and happiness while helping them uncover their strength and resiliency.

        I came up with the name Ascent Psychological Services while thinking of the many life mountains I've climbed so far. I thought of the moments before climbing the mountains, where I felt apprehensive, like it was impossible, and often forgetting the strength I held inside. I thought of the moments where I was half way up the mountain and felt pure exhaustion with the voice inside that said quit, you still have so far to go . And then I thought of the moments on the mountains where I reached the top. The feelings of pride, exhaustion, but also "What's next?". Yes, we must climb the mountains of life, but we don't have to climb them alone. I am honored to be by my clients side to help them during all the phases of climbing their life mountains. I am inspired by the vulnerability, courage, strength, and resiliency I see from my clients on a daily basis.

        When I'm not being a psychologist or a mom, I enjoy photography, attending concerts, traveling, and relaxing at the beach. 

         I earned a PsyD from California Southern University in 2015, a M.A from California Lutheran University in 2012, and a B.A from CSU Northridge in 2010. I also received a Perinatal Mental Health Certificate through Postpartum Support International in January of 2021.  License #: Psy31845



As seen on "The Health Me Podcast"
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    You can find myself, and other perinatal certified clinicians on the Postpartum Support International "Find a provider" page at

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