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Postpartum anxiety and mood disorders- I have been working with pregnant and postpartum mothers for over 8 years. I am considered a perinatal mental health specialist and hold a PMHC through Postpartum Support International. As a mother of 4 young kids, I understand the demands of motherhood and the delicate dance that can take place between love and need for space and identity. Working with moms is my passion as I enjoy helping guide mothers through navigating the ups and downs of this new chapter. 

      In addition to anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, and other common disorders that occur during the perinatal period, some unique subspecialties of this population that I also have experience with include:

               -NICU stays

               -Premature births

               -Fear of pregnancy or "Tokophobia"

               -Miscarriage and ectopic pregnancies

               -Stillbirth, and Infant loss

               -Traumatic childbirth


               -Fetal Chromosomal abnormalities


               -Cancer during pregnancy and the postpartum period

               -"high-profile" perinatal clientele 


Students During Break

College students and teens- I thoroughly enjoy working with this population and helping them navigate the challenges that come with transitioning from child to adult. There are so many unique pressures that this age face and having a safe place where they can vent/process/learn new skills, can increase their happiness and functioning. 

Stressed Woman

Anxiety Disorders- Anxiety disorders can decrease ones quality of life tremendously. Anxiety disorders can show up in many different ways. Do you find yourself always thinking about the worst case scenarios, or feeling like you cannot control your thoughts? Working with a therapist can help you process where this anxiety may be coming from. In addition, you can learn coping skills that may help decrease your anxiety. 

Paper Heart

LGTBQ populations- I have been working with the LGTBQ population for 5 years. I have a passion in supporting them during any part of their journey/transition and with any topics such as grief, life transitions, and personal growth. 

How I can Help

I understand what its like to feel lost, full of worry, and wondering if you are capable of making it through another day.. But I also know the healing powers of being seen, validated, heard, and supported through your darkest and uncertain times. I believe that by sharing our most vulnerable feelings and thoughts while someone is there to look you in the eye and say, "It's okay, I'm here to listen to your pain", we begin to heal. I combine a warm, humorous, yet direct and straightforward approach. Life is beautiful and messy and you are not alone. Now is the time for your ascent. 

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